5 Best Motorcycle Shocks review & recommended

We all motorcyclists want our journey to be smooth and safe, whether the road is off or on. We all know bad suspension can be a disaster for motorcycles. Which can be fatally damaging to both the bike and the rider. To protect both the bike and the rider from the naughty push, the bike needs perfect support. At the time of driving a motorcycle, what if we feel something wrong? Can we place our feet safely on the ground? If we don’t, we have to change the shock absorber of our motorcycle for better suspension.

We have to install one of the best motorcycle shocks that give us improved performance and a better feel when riding a motorcycle. It is not an easy task to find out the perfect shock absorber for your motorcycle, because there are so many shock absorbers in the market. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best motorcycle shocks absorbers to help you find the best one. We hope that it can improve the quality of your ride.

Though you ride Honda, Yamaha, or Harley-Davidson, you want to handle your bike carefully and drive as smoothly as possible over rough roads. The best motorcycle shocks absorbers will help you at the time of driving a motorcycle. Here we describe the 5 best motorcycle shock absorbers.

1. GZYF Pair Universal Motorcycle Rear Air Shock Absorbers Fit for Honda Suzuki

The GZYF Pair 340mm Universal Motorcycle Rear Air Shock Absorber is the best choice for style upgrading, bike modification, or replacement. This shock absorber is popular for its shock strength adjustability.

This shock absorber is the universal custom mount. It fits all motorcycles with shocks of 340mm eye-to-eye distance. The GZYF Pair 340mm Universal Motorcycle Rear Air Shock Absorbers can fit for Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, ATV, Go Kart, Quad Dirt Sport Bikes and it can work perfectly as a front or rear damper on most of the 150cc-1000cc Sportbikes and Dirt Bikes, Karting(Go-kart), Scooters and Moped Quad. 

Product Information 

Brand GZYF
Product Dimensions15.75 x 9.06 x 3.54 inches
Item Weight  9.7 pounds
Vehicle Service TypeAll of the above
Color8 Colors
Spring thickness8mm
Spring stiffnessAdjustable (range: 10mm)
Maximum load300 kg (640 lbs)

2. Premium Universal Motorcycle Shock Absorber Rear Suspension Air

The Premium Universal Motorcycle Shock Absorber Rear Suspension Air 320mm 330mm 12.6″ Black Pair is fit for most motorcycles, like Honda/ Yamaha/ Suzuki/ Kawasaki, etc. The diameter of the round hole is 12mm, at the bottom.

This progressive shock fit bikes with shock absorbers of 320mm eye-to-eye distance. This shock’s strength is adjustable for your motorcycle. This shock is one of the best choices for style upgrading, replacement, or bike modification. The Premium Universal Motorcycle Shock Absorber has coil-over springs and air cylinders which are helpful to reduce the shock. 

Product Information 

BrandBest Gift Box
Spring Thicknessapprox.8mm
Package Dimensions 15.31 x 8.82 x 3.39 inches
Item Weight8.16 pounds
MaterialAluminum and solid steel
Color7 color

3. Progressive Suspension 13.5″ Heavy Duty Replacement Rear Suspension Shock

The Progressive Suspension 412-4003B Black 13.5″ Heavy Duty Replacement Rear Suspension Shock is one of the most valuable & progressive shocks for the replacement.

These best motorcycle shocks have double-wall steel body construction with nitrogen charged, a five-position cam-style preload adjuster which lets you dial in your ride whether you’re a light rider or heavy hitter. It also has a multi-staged velocity-sensitive valve which gives you smooth and consistent damping performance. Its high-pressure gas-charged is also very helpful for consistent damping performance. The 412 series is proven & its durable design must improve your motorcycle’s suspension performance. This heavy-duty progressive rate spring in chrome finish shock absorber is the best option for you. 

Product Information 
Brand  Progressive Suspension
Item model number412-4003B
Product Dimensions17 x 6.75 x 3.5 inches
Item Weight9.58 pounds
Vehicle Service Type Street-cruiser-motorcycles

4. Progressive Suspension 944-4020UT Ultra Touring Heavy Duty Shocks for Harley

The Progressive Suspension 944-4020UT Ultra Touring Heavy Duty Shocks for Harley has Frequency Sensing Technology (FST) – which allows the shocks to sense the frequency of a bump and adjust damping automatically for the best ride quality.

There is no special tool needed to adjust the spring pre-load by hand. Progressive Rate Mainsprings of this best shock are specifically designed for traveling. This progressive shock has high-pressure gas charged for consistent performance & it also has a lifetime limited warranty.

Product Information 
BrandProgressive Suspension
Manufacturer Part Number944-4020UT
Product Dimensions17 x 7 x 3.5 inches
Item Weight6 pounds
Vehicle Service TypeStreet-cruiser-motorcycles
Heavy Duty 250lbs +

5. Progressive Suspension PS 490 SERIES

The Progressive Suspension PS 490 Series is a true sport performance shock with an unbelievable cheap cost. The new 490 sport series shocks have a high-pressure monotube with deflective disc damping technology, a rebound adjustment to dial in the ride, and a hand threaded preload.

This high-pressure monotube with deflective disc damping technology and a linear rate spring allows for a consistent feel through the damper stroke. These also provide the ability to withstand extreme temperature ranges and heavy loads. An engineered jounce bumper with a metal cup also helps to smooth out and control bottoming. 

The 490 is the perfect choice for your performance demand because it absorbs all the shock from pounding pavement around town. It is a very lightweight shock absorber because of its aluminum body.

Product information 

BrandProgressive Suspension
ModelPS 490 SERIES
Product Dimensions 17 x 6.5 x 3.5 inches
Item Weight 7.75 pounds
Vehicle Service Type1 Cruiser/Touring

FAQs about Best Motorcycle Shocks

Q: When should I change the shocks on my bike? 

Though you buy a new or used motorcycle, you should adjust the suspension of your bike based on your weight and riding style. If the bike squats or slides on hard acceleration, the forks bottom out or you can feel changes in the road surface, you maybe need new shocks. 

Q: What is bottoming out? 

Bottoming out is occurs when your motorcycle underneath makes contact with the ground. It won’t necessarily cause any harm for you & your bike, but it’s something to be avoided whenever you can.

Q: Will aftermarket shocks improve the bike’s ride quality? 

Yes. Aftermarket shocks will improve your handling and braking. Overall, the ride will be much smoother.

Final Words 

Here you have a good range of high-quality shocks for almost all sizes of motorcycles and almost all budgets too. For making the list of the 5 best motorcycle shocks our experts follow some important elements of motorcycle shocks which make this list incredible. Please check the size details of your necessary one and before buying make sure that it will be fit your bike.

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