Best Motorcycle Wheel Chocks Reviews-in 2021

The best motorcycle wheel chock is a secure anchor held against the wheel to prevent the bike from moving. Inside or outside the house, you can freely lift your motorcycle anytime, anywhere for tire maintenance. Motorcycle wheel shock is ideal for securing your bike in a truck, trailer, workshop, garage, etc. 

You can use it to stabilize your bike during parking or repairs. It can also use to increase your safety after riding your motorcycle with an elevator table. The best motorcycle wheel chocks can work for various purposes, whether in your garage, truck, or trailer. These not only allow you to keep your bike upright but also save space and help keep your bike more securely tied when working on a motorcycle or while transporting. 

Motorcycle wheel chocks come in a variety of materials, sizes, and styles. There are several things to consider when buying the best wheel chock. If you are interested in purchasing one, you should read this whole article because we provide a list of the five best motorcycle wheel chocks with detailed information.

5 Best Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

1. MaxxHaul 70075 Motorcycle Wheel Chock 

Best Motorcycle Wheel Chocks
Best Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

This Maxxtow wheel chock locks the front wheel in place automatically after it has rolled into the chock. It protects motorcycles safely for transportation or storage. Truck bed, trailer, or floor-protected mounts of this Maxxtow wheel chock enable one to load and strap down a bike quickly. The Maxxtow wheel chock fits most standard motorcycles. Material Type: cylindrical steel and steel plate. Robust one-piece top frame design for stability. Its strategy is you quickly mount on floors, trailers, trucks, or any flat surface

Features and details 

  • Fits most motorcycle wheels: 3-position adjustable holes in the wheelbase to connect different motorcycle wheels.
  • Base plate dimensions: 15-5/8″ x 10-1/2″
  • Secure mounts on the floor, truck, or trailer.
  • It is easy for one to strap a motorcycle.
  • High tensile steel.
  • Powder coat finishes preventing rust and corrosion.
  • Assembly hardware included 

Product information 

  • Maker‎:  MaxxHaul
  • Brand‎ :  MAXXHAUL
  • Model‎:  70075
  • Product weight‎:  13.86 pounds
  • Manufacturer Part Number‎ 70075
  • Product model number:   70075
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer:‎ No
  • Bend‎               :     No
  • Includes cover:   70075
  • Product dimensions : 21 x 13 x 11 inches

2. VEVOR Motorcycle Front Tire 1200 lbs Heavy Duty Wheel Chock

Best Motorcycle Wheel Chocks
Best Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

Stainless steel construction with a black finish makes the VEVOR Motorcycle Front Tire Chock less vulnerable to external shocks and damage to ensure long service life. Four rubber pads support this front-wheel mount to absorb shocks and prevent the slide from detaching from the drop, adapting to different areas. Unlike other round tubes, this motorcycle mount selects square boxes to extend the socket, thus improving durability. 

To meet your different needs, the height and angle of it are adjustable. It can hold the vertical front-wheel vertically and can fix to the ground. This front tire chock is easy to install without complicated tools, and it can save a lot of time and effort. If you want to remove it, pull the bike, and the step can automatically release the tire.

Features and details

  • It is suitable for 17 to 21-inch wheels. Its high-quality steel tubes are weld to motorcycle chock forks, which are firm and rigid. The surface should be treated with black varnish so that it does not rust. Load capacity: 1,199.3 lbs. 
  • This chalk bracket for motorcycles adopts square tubes to increase the ground contact area, providing better durability than circular tubes. Four rubber pads are helpful for shock absorption and slip resistance. 
  • The uniqueness of this motorcycle trailer mount lies in the holes you can feel. With the holes in the base, you can fix the frame to the ground. No worries about theft at all. 
  • The front-wheel brackets of the motorcycle are convenient for the users to keep their bikes clean and maintained. It plays a vital role in transporting your bike on the truck, for trailer transport, or in safety in your garage, making your process an enjoyable one. 

Product information 

  • Maker:     VEVOR
  • Brand:     VEVOR
  • Product weight:  13.9 pounds
  • Product dimensions  :  24 x 8.7 x 6.7 inches
  • Manufacturer Part Number:  Motcqianltcj1721heis

3. Condor PS-1500 Pit-Stop/Trailer-Stop 

Best Motorcycle Wheel Chocks
Best Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

Condor makes the best wheel chocks for every motorcycle and scooter. Safe, secure transportation of motorcycles is the goal of Condor. The Condor PS-1500 pit-stop / trailer-stop is one of their best wheel chocks that you can use every day for your bike. Just keep it in your garage and ride your bike in it – no kickstands are needed because this best chokehold your motorcycle so securely. Now the cycle takes up less space in your garage because it stands up straight, and you can quickly test the liquids, use it outside to serve or wash. 

Features and details 

  • This fully adjustable wheel locking system can fit 15-22 or 80-220 mm wide sizes on the rear or front wheels. 
  • The patented locking mechanism supports your motorcycle safely in an upright position on any kind of flat surface or transport platform. 
  • The Pit Stop trailer acts as a trailer with the adapter kit, allowing for quick fixing or detachment. 
  • It only takes one person to load or unload any motorcycle, and in most cases, two tensioning straps need to secure the bike for transportation. 

Product information 

  • Maker‎                  :   Condor
  • Brand‎                   :   Condor
  • Model‎                  :   PS-1500
  • Product weight‎   :    29.9 pounds
  • Vehicle Service Type‎   :  Street-sport-motorcycles
  • Product model number‎  :   PS-1500
  • Manufacturer Part Number‎ :  PS-1500
  • Bend‎     : No
  • Includes cover‎  :  Product, instructions
  • Product dimensions   :   1 x 1 x 1 inches

4. Motorcycle Wheel Chock Stand Mount Truck Trailer Floor Lift Stand Chock 

Best Motorcycle Wheel Chocks
Best Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

The Motorcycle Wheel Chock Stand Mount Truck Trailer Floor Lift Stand Chock has an 1800 pound cap, and adjustable front wheel stops to accommodate 15 “22” size wheels. Its superior powder finish prevents rust and corrosion. It mounts on your trailer, truck, or any flat surface. 

Features and details 

  • Motorcycle Wheel Chock; Weight: 33 pounds (approx.) 
  • Adjustable front wheel stops to accommodate 15 “22” size wheels; 1800 lb cap. 
  • The fine powder finishes preventing rust and corrosion. 
  • It mounts on top of your trailer, truck, or any flat surface. 
  • Overall dimensions: 36 “L x 35” W x 16 “H

Product information 

  • Maker:    Generic
  • Brand:    Generic
  • Product weight:   40 pounds
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 86536
  • Bend:    No

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5. Condor Motorcycle Garage Dolly for Wheel Chock

Best Motorcycle Wheel Chocks
Best Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

Garage Dolly and Height Assist Foot Packages simply press any Motorcycles on the garage dolly and into the CONDOR Wheel Chock, with its patented adjustable cradle that fits from heavy cruisers and touring bikes to all kinds of motorcycles. Go for sports bikes and dirt bikes with wheel sizes up to “13 to 30.” Now your bike is secured and ready in an upright position. Your bike will be easily rolled or swept anywhere you want in your garage. 

The Garage Dolly mounts on solid 4-inch wheels, so it can easily rotate and even crawl, crevices, and pitted garage floors. The Dolly is made of hardened aluminum and steel and weighs only 68 pounds. When not in use, it is folded and mounted on a garage wall for storage. Garage Dolly’s load rating is 1300 lbs. It measures 90 “long (expandable 94)) and has 12” wide dex dimensions. It is 24 “at the widest point of the wheel brackets. Four large twist-down brakes protect the unit from rolling when you put your bike in the dolly or remove it. 

Features and details 

  • It has patented an adjustable cradle that fits with all motorcycles, from heavy cruisers and touring bikes. 
  • Go for “13 to 30” wheel size sports bikes and dirt bikes. 
  • The Garage Dolly mounts on firm 4-inch wheels to be easily rotated and even crawled, crevices, and pitted garage floors. 
  • The load rating of the Garage Dolly is 1300 lbs. 

Product information 

  • MakerTC Development and Design
  • Average customer opinion4.9 out of 5 stars 46 Feedback
  • Brand NameCondor 

FAQS about  Best Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

What does a motorcycle chock do? 

The best motorcycle wheel chock is a secure anchor held against the wheel to prevent the bike from moving. You can use it to stabilize your motorcycle during parking or repairs. 

Why are wheel chocks necessary? 

Wheel chocks are very important because they are designed to prevent stable vehicles from moving when they are not used to help prevent accidents on site and protect employees. 

When should wheel chocks be used? 

The best motorcycle wheel chocks use for safety and accident prevention. You can use it to stabilize your bike during parking, repairs, and transportation. 

Final word 

At this last moment, you realize the importance of having reliable chocks. Think about the size and weight of the wheels on your bike before you choose a particular model. We hope that information about the best motorcycle wheel chocks we provide here is beneficial to you for choosing one of the best motorcycle wheel chocks.

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